Prayer Resources

Per request of some of our members, we have made the different devotions we have prayed at our meetings available to all, so they may be used for personal prayer. 

Te Deum Laudamus Prayer 

This is an ancient prayer of praise. Although its authorship is debated, it is commonly attributed to St. Ambrose on the occasion of St. Augustine's baptism in AD 387.  

The hymn used to be recited during the Divine Liturgy, the Canonization of Saints, and during the veneration of Saints' relics. It also poetically outlines the Apostle's Creed. Many of its parts are recited during the present Liturgy of the Mass (e.g., The "Holy, Holy, Holy" )


The Scriptural Rosary - The Joyful Mysteries

Although it might sound complicated and confusing, the Scriptural Rosary is really quite simple to pray. Verses are taken from Scripture as an aid for meditation while praying the decades of the Rosary.  For those who struggle to focus on the mysteries of the Rosary as they pray, the Scriptural Rosary will be a huge help. With a new Scriptural reflection for each Hail Mary in the decade, your mind will never wander far from the mystery at hand. So let your mind lift in prayer as you meditate upon the life of Christ. Please click on the button for the full text of the Joyful Mysteries.


Compline: Night Prayer

Pulled from the Liturgy of the Hours, Compline  or Night Prayer is the final prayers said at the end of the day. During this time of prayer, one reflects on a psalm, a reading form Sacred Scripture and other short prayers. Please click on the button for the full text of Compline.